This could be it…

Challenge Day…. on hold

Well, this could be it.  I don\’t have a cloth ready.  It\’s 8:30 at night and I don\’t have one knitted, or even half knitted.  It is cast on with two rows done though.

I really don\’t want to stop the challenge!!  But I don\’t think I can keep up.

I really wanted to make it for at least 4 weeks.  But this is looking pretty bad because I ran out of anything and everything that was half prepared and I spent quite a while last night sketching out new designs and I don\’t do too well with that part when I\’m trying to rush it.

I\’m going to give myself one day to see if I can get caught up for tomorrow.  But it\’s going to be a rough day tomorrow.  The kids are off from school.

I know I still have to do the Weekly Drawing for last week.  I\’ll have the kids home and they can help me tomorrow with the cutting and folding and picking out of the winner.

I\’m sooooo sorry!!  I feel like I\’m letting you all down!!!!

9 thoughts on “This could be it…”

  1. hey, everybody needs a break! We’ll give you a day off, especially since you worked through those headaches. I’ve had a blast watching to see the next one.

  2. Emily, don’t be so hard on yourself. You have done a great job
    and I know you will get back on track. Sometimes life just gets
    in the way of our fun — Knitting. We will be here to cheer you on!!
    🙂 Cheryl

  3. Emily just step back and breathe! You have done an awesome job and sometimes you need to step back focus on something else! Just remember we are here for you!

  4. Emily, you deserve a day or two off – why not take w/e’s off like a business – you don’t have to commit to seven days – try five days – tomorrow is a holiday take that off also.

    You have done a great job – we have all enjoyed your hard work and beautiful designs.

    Take a deep breath and enjoy your childred tomorrow.

    mary ann

  5. Hi Emily,
    you have done a great job
    you haven’t let anyone down
    we will understand the choice you make
    three cheers for you too

  6. Emily, you are making us so happy with the patterns you have created thus far! I know I’m speaking for the masses, but you have done a phenomenal job! You most definitely deserve a little break.

    We want you well as you are our friend, so if you need a day or two of R and R – take it!

    Big hugs,


  7. Take a day off!! You have done this through headaches! you deserve it!! I think it has been alot of fun checking out your new designs each day but we all have lives, and we know you do to!!

  8. Hi Emily,
    Don`t be so hard on yourself,take the day off,
    injoy,sit back, I injoy your colths so much,,thank you
    Have A Grand Day
    Patricia v

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