Three weeks done!

Challenge Day 21

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my headaches.  I\’ve had migraines since childhood, I believe, but they weren\’t diagnosed until I was in college.  I take a couple of medications for a couple of things with my head and recently I suggested to my doctor that maybe I could try a lower dose on one of them.  Well, that wasn\’t one of my more brilliant ideas.  I was hoping to get off the the medicine but it looks like I won\’t be and I have to go back to my regular dose.  So, that\’s the story of why I\’ve been feeling so awful lately.  I\’ll get back to normal soon!

Here is the picture of the cloth that I added today:


A simple pattern of a pair of cherries still on the stem with a leaf attached.  I thought it would be good for a kitchen.  I\’m going to try to get some more fruit and vegetable patterns done, but they are actually pretty difficult.  They generally end up looking like roundish lumps.  Maybe now that I have my seed stitch trick down, I can work out some better designs.

I\’m off to bed.  I\’m tired tonight because I was up early with my little guy and then we spent the morning at the soccer fields for the last games for my older two boys.  I\’m so glad soccer is done!  We have a few weeks of breathing room before basketball starts up.  Just tonight I was working on trying to sketch out both a basketball and a soccer ball.  Much harder than I thought it would be!  We\’ll see if I can get it to look the way I want it to.

Good night everyone!  Check back tomorrow for the Weekly Drawing to see who wins the patterns for the week.

6 thoughts on “Three weeks done!”

  1. Hi Emily, glad your headaches are better – medicine is funny never know if we can or cann’t change them with out trying and then sometimes we luck out and then we don’t. I have reduced my arthritis meds to one pill a day – don’t seem like it is any worse than taking two so will stick it until it gets bad and I can’t stand it.

    Love the cherries – keep up the goodd work. We are done with soccer about three weeks ago and getting ready for basketball try outs next week.

    Never a dull moment.

    mary ann

  2. Glad you have something to help with the headaches. For us football season is winding down but this month is heavy in birthdays and Thanksgiving. Thank you for another lovely pattern.

  3. Three weeks already? Time sure flies by. I like the cherries pattern a lot! You are doing a great job!


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