Well, We Survived

Christmas is over, the boys are on toy and candy overload, and we survived hosting another Christmas dinner here at the house. I managed to finished all the knitting I wanted to just in time. The scarves were a big hit, and it looks as if I\’ll have to knit one for R. now. He just went crazy for the one I gave his mother. I don\’t mind though. It\’s so nice to knit when you know that the gift will be appreciated.

I was a bit annoyed when I gave A. her scarf. She said \”Oh, a magic scarf!\” She was referring to the cheapy $5 tube things that you can buy at A.C. Moore and other places. About a week earlier she had exclaimed over a scarf I was wearing and said the same thing, \”A magic scarf!\” She grabbed at it (while it was around my neck!) and began stretching it all out of shape. Both times I responded the same way: \”No I made this.\” And just as before, this time she starts stretching out the scarf I gave her and says, \”But look how it stretches and you can wear it different ways.\” I didn\’t contradict her because it\’s out of my hands now, but it doesn\’t stretch like that! She had it all distorted. Whatever. It\’s her scarf and she can do what she wants to it, but I really had to bite my tongue as I watch something that I labored over get mangled. A few years ago I made a cross stitch picture for her and after a less than enthusiastic reception, I swore I would never make her anything again. Well this time I mean it!

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