What I'm Up To…

I\’ve spent the last week trying to teach myself how to code CSS pages.

All this because I\’m determined to redesign my blog from scratch.

I just can\’t live with the idea that my blog design is ripped off. Since my hubby is a web programmer and I sometimes help with the graphics and I know very basic html, I figured I could do this.

It\’s harder than it looks.

But I do have a design coming along that I have pretty much done all by myself by analyzing the code of numerous other blogs, and using the help files from Blogger quite extensively. I only had to call in help from my hubby once so far. I expect to finish it up in another few days, depending on how much time I get to work on it.

Oh. And I have been knitting, too.

I\’ve been working on the Warm Winter Poncho…it\’s coming along very slowly. I really need to devote some serious hours to the thing.

I also joined the Dishcloth KAL group. On Thursday, we started the mid-month KAL. So far, I\’m loving it! Even with just this first dishcloth, I\’m expanding my knitting repertoire. And I love that it\’s a surprise pattern. We just get about 10 rows of the pattern each day and have no idea what the cloth will look like when finished. (Although now after 4 days I have a pretty good idea.) I\’m knitting using Rose Pink from Sugar & Cream, and it is just lovely!

Off to do some more coding……

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