What\’s on the needles?

On the needles….

I know that I\’ve been fairly quiet lately. I started a new full time job after Thanksgiving and that\’s been a bit of an adjustment. It\’s been quite a while since I\’ve been teaching full time (over 9 years actually!) but I love my new job and I\’m settling in.

I\’ve started knitting up some newΒ  dishcloth patterns and I have a bunch that are almost ready to add to the website and a lot more that are just waiting to be knitted up. I have to block some of the dishcloths I\’ve knitted and take photos of others. I may have to resort to my old method of scanning the cloths for now, but I will take some decent pictures at some point as well.

I haven\’t done a full count, but I think I have 7 or 8 new designs about ready to add to the site. I\’ve been a little unorganized lately and I have to track them all down on the mess that my desk has become. For those that know me, you wouldn\’t recognize my desk! I\’m never as unorganized as this!

The mailing list….

For those of you who don\’t know about it, I have a new mailing list. I have signed up with MailChimp to handle my mailing list and I LOVE them! It is so easy to use and it is easy for people to subscribe or unsubscribe (I hope you don\’t want to!) at will.

You might want to sign up for the mailing list if you haven\’t. I don\’t email out very much and I\’ve been considering setting up a Spring Fever sale – I am so tired of all this snow! If I run a sale that\’s the only time I\’ll send out a few more emails than usual (a couple a week versus almost none the rest of the time). You\’ll be notified if I add any new patterns to the website, when I put patterns on sale and you\’ll get exclusive coupon codes good for the website to take additional percentages off on your purchase.

You can sign up on the mailing list to the right of this post ———–> where it says \”Newsletter Signup\”. Your email is all that is required, but if you enter in your name then your emails will come to you as Dear____ with your name filled in. πŸ™‚ Fancy, right? I love new toys. And of course I will reassure you that I would NEVER sell, rent, share, or give away your name or email address to anyone. I hate spam just as much as you do.

10 thoughts on “What\’s on the needles?”

  1. I just want to thank you so much for all the wonderful free patterns. They are great! I just stumbled on to your site today and boy, am I glad I found you! I have been looking for patterns such as these for sooo long.

    Now I can’t wait to dig in and decide which one to make first!

    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks Debbie for the kind words! I haven’t had as much time to design lately as I’d like but I am always trying to share patterns for free in addition to putting new ones in the pattern shop.

    Take care,

  3. when will we be getting more free patterns as they are great up to now i have done the spider snail and helmet i am doing all your free designs to make a large throw for my 2 year old son.thhank you so much and its great they are all the same size as its harder to attach diffrent sizes.there great.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for you kind words. Your throw sounds like it will be wonderful! That’s one reason that I design all my cloths to be the same size so people can sew them together if they want to. I always have big plans to try to put more free patterns on the site, I just am so busy the older my boys get. And now that I’ve gone back to work full time it’s even harder. But summer is coming soon and I’ll have lots of time for knitting!

  4. I love all the dishcloth patterns you’ve posted! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them. I hope to make several as Christmas gifts and plan to start tonight πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

    Oh and I signed up for your newsletter and look forwarding to having it delivered to my inbox.

  5. Emily, I just started knitting about a month ago. I love making the dish cloths. I have used several of your patterns. I love them and they easy to follow. Thanks for the free patterns. I just purchased three more from you.

    I also signed up for your news letters.

  6. Hi Emily,

    Just wanted to let you know that i’m new at knitting and your dish cloths are great to learn on, plus i love your patterns. (I have one in mind that i would like to send you.) I will be reading alot on your site cuz i still have problems, and i did sign u on your newsletter.

    Thank you,
    Carol Schuette.

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks so much for you kind words. I do try to write my patterns so they are super easy for beginners to follow. Glad to know you are having luck with them.
      Take care,

  7. Hi Emily, I stumbled across you site just today and now feel like I’ve been missing out. Can you tell me a bit more about knotted dishcloths – I’ve never heard of them before and I’ve never seen one. Do you actually use them for washing the dishes?? Sorry if this sounds weird but I obviously have missed out along the way. Designs are great – and I love the effort you’ve put into your site. Inspirational. Sally (Australia)

    1. Hi Sally,
      I do use my dishcloths for washing the dishes. I think they are the best thing ever. They really hold up and are good for scrubbing. Just make sure to rinse them out well and hang over the faucet to dry or they could get smelly. Also, that’s why I knit them looser rather than tighter. It helps them to dry out better.
      Take care,

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