Challenge Day 16

After a wild day of trying to knit while having all three boys home, I\’ve managed to get two cloths ready.  So at least I have a little breathing room going into tomorrow.  And as soon as I\’ve posted this, I\’ll be knitting as fast as I can for the rest of this evening as well.

Both of the cloths that I\’ve gotten ready are for Christmas.  The one that I added today (only because it was blocked first) is one that I had started several days ago.  Following my success with the acorn last week, I designed this Santa Hat in a similar manner using both garter stitch and seed stitch.  I\’m very pleased with the contrast of the two stitches and I will be looking to use both of them together in my dishcloths more often.

Here\’s the picture:


This pattern is available for purchase for $1.49 and can be found on the \”New\” page.

I\’ll be knitting like crazy again tonight and tomorrow.  I have some different cloths planned — finally some that are not animals!  They are just designs that I\’ve been kicking around for a while and I\’ve now gotten around to typing up.  Depending upon how the knitting and blocking goes, tomorrow\’s cloth may be another Christmas themed one or maybe I\’ll just surprise you!

9 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. Great job – you area keeping those nimble fingers going for sure. Love the santa hat for the holidays.

    mary ann

  2. Great pattern! I love how the seed stitch and garter stitch go together. You are doing a wonderful job on your challenge.


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