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Knot knitting….

OK.  So that title needs some work. I’ve not been knitting.  I’ve been thinking about knitting, but it just hasn’t happened in a while.  I’ve been trying to knit a chemo cap for my neighbor for over a month. It shouldn’t take six weeks to finish a cap.  It shouldn’t take 6 days to finish …

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Current Project

I’ve been knitting like crazy since yesterday evening working on a shrug.  We have a wedding on Saturday with the rehearsal on Friday evening.  For Friday, I have a pretty yellow sleeveless dress to wear, but it really needs a little cover up for it.  So, I’m knitting as fast as I can to finish …


My New Blog!

Welcome! After many, many weeks of work, I’ve finally gotten my website, Designs by Emily, updated with a brand new look.  And I’ve finally gotten my blog started up to be a part of the site as well.  My old blogspot knitting blog, a little bit of knitting, will no longer be updated and, I hope, …

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